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motor mounts

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Okay, now what? I bought a fan shroud not long ago to aid cooling in the summer. When I tried to install it, the fan sat too low. After discussion on the forum, I figured I had the wrong motor mount insulators. It was suggested that I get the ones for late 66 in order to raise the engine a bit. I talked to the guy at NPD, who said they don't carry 6038-8 anymore, because it was the same as 6038-7, even though in the catalog there was a $5.00 price difference. I ordered the 6038-7's, and when they came today, they're the same as the ones already on the car. (Yes, I discovered this after crawling under the car to take the bolts out. Doh!) So what should I do? Has anyone redrilled the holes for the radiator brackets? Would this be a bad idea?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I have found that the shrouds and brackets need to be "adjusted" in order to get the fan centered inside. A combination of bending both the shroud and brackets and adjusting the brackets within their bolt holes I was able to find a happy medium that allows my clutch fan to operate without scraping the shroud.

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