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Motor mounts

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I was planning on changing the motor mounts shortly. I bought them on NPD quite some time ago. When checking them today, I see the little paper tag saying "made in India"...
Has anyone of you guys had any experience with this rubber stuff coming from India? I know that the rubber gaskets for my friends 67 fastbacks tail lights didn't exactly fit ;-(
What do you say - should I throw them in the trashcan at once?


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I converted to later style frame mounts last year and got 2 new engine mounts. One was made in India and the other was made in the US. The Indian mount was better quality. Both installed fine and worked fine afterwards.

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My timing light says: "Made In China" in big, bold letters, as if this was a good thing. It seems to work ok, except it blinks in Mandarin...

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I spent an entire weekend trying to get some Made in India motor mounts to line up. I finally gave up and bought factory mounts from a Ford Dealer. Everything lined up perfect the first time.
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