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Motor mounts

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Will later year motor mounts fit the early mustangs. For example, would say a 93GT motor mount fit my 70, or are mounts year specific. Reason I ask is, I read a mustang page on the net where the person suggests putting in 93GT MM into early mustangs due to them being "heavier duty".
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Don't know for sure about a 93 but the motor mounts are totally different on a 91 GT.
The motor mounts are different. The cars are totally different.
I just thought of something.

The article may have referred to putting in 87/93 5.0 convertible mounts in the same year cars because they are heavier mounts.
They will not fit.

Good Luck.
Try the new motor mounts from I just put a set on my 70 Mach 1 three weeks ago and they are awesome and fit perfect. There is extra clearance for headers and are quite heavy duty. I also don't have the problem of my motor moving arount and banging my custom header on the shock towers.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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