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The motor i have for my '66 Coupe was freshly rebuilt a long time ago, by the previous owner. It has been sitting for at least 10 years and the rings seem to be frozen to the block. The engine turns fine, but the makes very little compression (25-50 lbs). I can rebuild this motor, but i really have no experience or a great place to do this.

I recently acquired a 1987-1996 5.0 Mustang motor; i believe it is an HO motor. I REALLY REALLY do not want to convert another vehicle to EFI, so i would be pulling the intake off and going to carb if i use this motor. This engine is low mileage and is supposed to run great. I am getting it for free from a friend, so he has no reason to "puff" the condition of the motor.


Do i use the new block?? If i do use it, should i put a little more aggressive cam in it to give it a little more pep?? My car is going to be a 2.5 season driver that is lightly used, so originality does not matter. Is there any sort of magic i need to work to install a mechanical fuel pump, etc?? I am planning on leaving the serpentine belt set on it, so i will need a reverse rotation fan.

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