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Hey Guys,
A follow up story.....

A couple weeks ago, I lamented my experience with starting issues. At the time, my first thoughts were the ignition box. I rued this out over several days, then, thought it the Pertronix Ignitor 1, eventually ruled this out (all three are good). It turned out to be the coil.
Anyway, during all of this, I had a couple of spare high performance MSD HVC ignition boxes on the shelf. The problem I ran into with these, the myths and lore surrounding them was they could only be used for racing? There were many posts on performance and hot rod go-fast sites stating they are or racing only, but, no one ever mentioned why.
So, I'm thinking, I'll just install it and se what happens. I did so, and installed my Points, not knowing at the time, all three of my Pertronix's are good. The end result the engined fired and after a little tweaking of the points (closing the gap to .011) did a few test runs. All went well. Then, I replaced the Points with an Ignitor 1 and again all worked well.
Throughout all of this I was still "bugged" by the fact, I still didn't know "why" this model is for "racing" only.
Today, I called MSD Tech, talked to a guy who stated these boxes, due to the heat they generate (increased amps and output) they are designed for short duration racing. Thus, not suitable for the street, wherein, reliability is #1!
Ok, so in my discussion with the tech it became clear the cooler one can keep these boxes the longer their reliability. I'll add, for those not aware of these boxes, the boxes "can only be used" with a special provided high output coil.
Sorry guys, I attempted to attach the a Pdf., but, it's over of the prescribed limit. PM if interested.
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