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I was wondering if I get get some input on installing an msd ignition system in my 641/2 mustang (this car originally had a generator). If anyone read my last post, I think my problems are probably related to the ignition and it is about the only thing I have not updated.
I would like to make the change however I'm not sure what exactly it will take. The current igniton is a 70s stock set up with a module (Ihave gone through 3-4 modules). Personally I feel it was a cruddy installation job. I know very little about the electrical system and found someone to wire it when I made the swap from the 200 6cyl. to the 302. We used the same ignition from the engine we installed. Now the generator light is always on. Since the 302 swap I had a 289 built up and recently installed it. I used all the same wiring, distributor, and module from the 70's 302. The 289 runs good for a while but when driving it frequently backfires through the carb either when my foot is in it or it also will do this running down the highway at 65-70mph. It looses power as it backfires. If I shut the engine off for a minute then turn it back on, it stops the problem temporarily. Anyway, I was looking at installing an MSD DIS ignition and possibly an MSD 8582 distributor. Do I nececessarily need the distributor or should I keep what I have? Also, will I need a new wiring set up? And how do I put this stuff together? Please forgive my ignorance, I'm trying to learn as I go. Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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First of all, you MUST have 13.5 volts at the battery while running for electronic ignition to work properly.

I have the MSD6A box and the Ford electronic distributor and coil...I have been very pleased with the performance and I don't hesitate to recommend this setup to anyone converting from points ignition or from Duraspark (Early Ford electronic ignition)

The instructions are very simple and easy to follow...Has a diagram showing exactly how to interface the MSD to the Duraspark. Does away with the Duraspark ECM (module/box) completely.
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