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I am putting three foot long cherry bomb type mufflers along side of the driveshaft.
The car is not a chevy so it is important to me to have them tucked up as far as possible
into the driveshaft tunnel. How close can I get to the driveshaft with the mufflers before
It becomes a problem. There is an Xpipe that crosses right underneath the tranny yoke. There
is a driveshaft loop at the seatbelt bolts. thanks.

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It depends on how strong the muffler clamp/brackets are. Sometimes 1" is all you need.
My dad would put a spring on the muffler to help hold it to one side. It may look
funny but if you use a strong spring on both mufflers to keep tension on them
it may keep it from hitting the drive shaft. Good Luck!
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