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Hey there, let me tell you about my problem first before I ask my question. Well, i have a ''66 mustang which has a wierd muffler sound. The muffler sound is almost like a go-car. It has a high-pitch sound when I start to increase my speed. The sound happens at about 20 mph. Now according to my mom it's a lifter noise and plus with the resistors that were put on the car. Now my problem is not with the lifter noise but with were the resistors are in the engine so that the engine sounds more loud. If any body nows where there are would be nice to tell where they are, so that I can take it out, would be much appreciated. Thanks Mark

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I have no idea what you are talking about. Resonator, perhaps?
1. Which engine do you have?
2. Single or dual exhaust?
3. Manual or automatic transmission?

There are no resistors on the engine. Nor is there anything on the engine designed to make specific sounds. There are such things as 'resonators'. They are sound chambers similar to a muffler found on dual exhaust GT cars I believe.

Lifters sound like like a ticking sound. A manual tranny might whine if it's low on lube, or a rear end might groan if worn out. You might take your car to a muffler shop and let them listen to it.

Good Luck.

BTW: I think Limp Bizkit sucks. Have a nice day.

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Resonators? What resonators? We don't need no stinking resonators!!!

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Maybe he has GT trumpets, the louvers kind of change the tone.

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Is this noise coming from the engine, the tailpipes or the radio? Are you perhaps referring to resistor "plugs"? Like the radio has static from the engine revving?

If the sound is coming from your radio, change from any station that would play Limp Bizkut, immediately. Tune in to something that you can print all the words to the entire song without using "(censored)". Your mom will probably appreciate it and, we all know, mom's know best... (with the possible exception of "lifter noises", although we can't rule that out)...

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Don't worry it is probably the sound of the supercharger.
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