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Murphy's Vindicated!

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We had our Mustang Mania show this weekend...great weather, good friends, beautiful cars! Unbeknownst to me my friends asked one of the knowledgeable judges from Albuquerque to judge my car just as harshly as he could to look for every possible little flaw. He spent a lot of time and could only come up with a 22 point deduction. Most of the points would not be taken off at a show. Murphy took a First Place award! He also had a comment to me afterwards that the judges at Pensacola were idiots. It made my weekend!

I love it when a plan comes together!

[color:red]1968 Coupe, "Murphy" - Original (car and owner)</font color=red>
[color:blue]1968 Fastback, "Trouble" - Restomod</font color=blue>
[color:white]1967-1968 MCA Certified Judge</font color=white>
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congratulations, its allways nice to know you were right

My son got me into this and I'm having a ball
65 fastback, 289, 3 speed, Holly 1850, Edelbrock intake. SSB front disks in a box, Canadian Mustang "real big kit" suspension in alot of boxes,
Right now lots of boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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