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I've read that for 16" rims to fit you have to lower them.
Not wanting to tear apart the suspenison again after only 8 months of it's rebuild.
If it's true, I may just go with 15".


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When I played with the truck's 16 x 7" wheels on the coupe the only interference was with the spindle where it connects to the tie rod end. In this case it would need a 1" spacer to work. I don't think the A arms are an issue.

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I was playing with the idea of running them on my '68 From all my good sources I was told that without a negative wedge kit I'd experience some nasty tire wear in all the wrong places. I bought the kit but I've decided to just go with a set of 15" Gamblers.


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I am putting TTII rims 16x7's on. I will lower the A arms just to be safe

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