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Mustang 67/68 Speedometer/Trip Odometer

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Hello dear forum,

I have a question and I am interested in an original speedometer from a 67/68 Mustang.
As far as I understand, there was only 120 MPH variant and only the Shelbys had 140 MPH speedometers. Is this correct?

The 140 MPH speedos were only available as trip ordometers or? Normal standard tachos were never available as 140 MPH from the factory?

Thanks for the help.
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Are you looking for just a 140 speedo? A tach of not? A 67/68 Cougar guts same but different gauge face.
If your car (67/68) currently has no tach, but you wanna add, more to that. The gauge metal housing is different as is the gauge wiring harness.
Best I know, for 67 at least a tach/speedo cluster was stock on a 390 GT 4spd stang (like mine) but an option on the rest of stangs, not sure about K code or Shelby. So orig stuff hard to find decent.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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