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I have an ongoing feud with a good friend of mine. I say 69 is better, he says 70. As smart as he is, he’s never minded being wrong about this, lol.

Ultimately it’s subjective, but it’s been a fun way to mess with each other for years.

He won’t budge on the assertion that a 68 Charger is better looking than a 69 either. That’s just crazy talk to me.
68 Charger (drool) is classic (drool), but the grill is just a plain black box, which looks great with the car. The style of those early Chargers is pretty basic and beautiful, but there's not much curve and flair. That is totally opposite in the Mustangs, where you have curves and flair galore, even extra non-functional pieces just for the sake of art.

I read the following on Wikipedia. I couldn't find a citation for this hearsay:
"The 1970 model year Mustangs were restyled to be less aggressive and therefore returned to single headlamps which were moved to the inside of the grille opening with 'fins' on the outside of the grille sides. Some felt the aggressive styling of the 1969 model hurt its sales and this view prompted the headlamp revisions and simplification of other exterior styling aspects. It's worth noting though that 1969 model year sales exceeded those of 1970. "
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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