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Mustang Boss Aesthetics

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I'm completely new here and only made this account with the sole purpose of knowing what somehting is called.
There are some Boss 302 (don't know if the 429 shares the same thing) that have some sort of air intakes instead of the outer headlights, next to the other set of headlights on the grill, and I have always been intrigued of the name of such components, if they are in fact air intakes or something else. I find them unique and part of what makes the Boss 302 the real Boss.

Here's a photo to help with locating such special components.
Also, since I'm new, I don't really know if I'm posting this in the correct place of the forum.
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The '69 side scoops make ALL the difference between the two. That's the very first thing I've always noticed and liked.
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Being in the majority Doesn't mean you're right.
That is very true. I mean, it doesn’t apply to this case, but still a true statement.

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Welcome to VMF.
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