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Hi! Everybody, I'm purchased the book `Mustang by the Numbers from Kevin Marti in 1999 at Charlotte Motor Speedway at 35TH Anniversary.

After examination, the last month I found a error in 1970 Mustang Mach1 Production data.. If you add all exterior color codes and all Mach1 Trim code.. this production include 1970 Shelby and 3D Trim is for shelby trim only... The total is not 40,975 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After discussion with Marti in 1970 the color code T red with 3W trim is not 23 cars the correct number from Marti is: 975..

And a lot of other error is possible in 1970 color and trim... but Kevin is not interesting to my help for verify data and for revised this book... This guy is more interested at money!!!
Please advise to print this correction in Magazine and all publication of Mustangs... If you found other error in this book... Please advise in this forum.

Excuse my bad english!!

Raynald Bélanger MCA Certified Judge and Founder of the 1970 Mustang Mach1 Registry.

Probably the best 1970 Mustang Mach1 restored in the world.. See:

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Thus far, you've only shown us one alleged error -- which I must confess, I'm not entirely clear as to the meaning of, based on your description. Yet you've followed it up with the rather unfair accusation that Kevin Marti is "more interested at money" than in revising his "Mustang by the Numbers" book.

Personally, I think Kevin has contributed more than enough to the Mustang hobby over the years to disprove this, but nevertheless, I'd like to make a couple additional points in his defense. Kevin *is* undoubtedly interested in making money -- or at least not losing too much of it -- simply because Mustangs and Fords *are* his business. Second, Kevin managed to license the entire '65-73 Ford production database -- no small feat in itself -- and I suspect one motive for producing MBTN was to attempt to recoup at least a small part of his initial cost while waiting for the longer-term revenue from individual reports to start coming in (and I can't recall having heard many complaints about *those* from his customers). As with the Mustang Production Guides, MBTN is a "vanity publication" -- meaning that all costs associated with printing and distribution were paid up fron by Kevin himself -- as would any revised editions (which would also effectively render the remaining stock of UN-revised editions virtually unmarketable). Does MBTN contain errors? Undoubtedly -- as do both volumes of the Mustang Production Guide -- yet that doesn't mean that these books aren't still valuable references.

You're certainly correct to point out these errors, however -- and I'm sure owners of MBTN will be happy to annotate the corrections in their copy, just as I'm sure many do now when made aware of errors in their Mustang Production Guides. Just leave out the unnecessary and counterproductive personal attacks, please...

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Not very nice post, Ray.
If you pretend to be the guru of all Mustang facts, why didn't you publish the book of the books?
Although there is another error on T5 production numbers for a single model year in Kevins book, which he confirmed immediately, we all should be glad that he went the thousand extra miles to spent a lot of his time to dive into FORD files and make it structured available.
Nobody is perfect and searching FORD datas was probably a thing, which nobody else would easily take on his shoulders.
Almost each of the Mustang books contains an error here and there and even latest published decoders for any tags have an error here and there for colour codes or anything else. I am pretty sure your buck tag decoder book might contain an error as well, although I have never seen it.
And if you claim your Mach1 is the best restored all over the world, there will be sb to proof you wrong. Do you want him to post here your Mach1 contains errrors?
And last but not least, don't you want to make money with your business Mustang International by all these claims?
Think your post over, Ray and stay back from accusing others. Those who sit in a glass house, should be careful.
Editor of First Mustang Club of Germany
And my website sure contains errors as well. I am open enough to admit this before you try to find some. Good luck in your perfect world, Ray.

I think that Mr. Belanger's english usage may have given us an unintended

M.C.A.# 50000
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