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Well, it had too happen one day...

My virtually completely restored 66 (only engine and bay was left) was crashed into today. I was doing 40 where allowed and my light was green. So I just kept cruising. Suddenly from the left I see this Audi TT coming and not stopping. I slammed the brakes and skid to a halt....unfortunately not missing the TT. My left front end is banged up bad....

Thank god I had just delivered my 4 year old niece to her dad as she would have been in the car about 20 minutes earlier...!! Thankfully, neither me nor the other driver was hurt and the other driver was a nice enough fellow. I had my camera with me incidentally so pics will follow later this week... I had the police make up a report as I wasn't going to take any risk with the insurance companies....

So far I think the damage is limited to the:
1. headlight bucket,
2. headlight door
3. stone guard
4. valance
5. fender
6. bumper and brackets (totally sheered off)
7. 66 std. hubcap
8. rear fender (because of momentum of stuff inside it was dented inside out)
9. drivers door has a fold where the door catcher has hit the door.

I couldn't see if the suspension was hit, but it seemed it was missed. Also the frame rails still look straight. Even the hood wasn't damaged other then some paint rubbed offt from the edges...

All in all I think the damage is quite a lot, but nothing unfixable.

A battle will begin as to if the insurer is using original (used) parts or new repro stuff.

Which would you want if it was you??? And do you have a rough guess on the cost?

I think the cost in $ has to be multiplied by 4 to get Dutch prices....This includes shipping and import of the parts.

I'd like to get your opnions on both matters.

Most off all I'm just glad to still be here!!

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