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A friend told me of a mustang for sale today. I drove out the area, drove around, and finally found a mustang. Knocked on the door, only to find out that the car was not for sale. I drove around the area some more, and could not find any other mustangs. I went back and ask the lady again if it was not for sale. She said it belonged to her daughter, and that she'd repeatidly said no sale. I ask her to give my card to the daughter and see if she'd call me. My source was getting his info second hand, but supposedly someone had went out and looked at the car, and even discussed a price. I guess for now, I'll just keep piecing my '67 back together. Did I say piecing; I meant to say glueing the Rust back together.

67 Coupe Project Car (Did I say project car, I meant Pile of Rust)
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Watch, you will drive by next week and it will have a For Sale sign on it !

1967 S code GT Deluxe Coupe 65B
1966 Convertible 76B 289 4 speed
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