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Mustang of the Month???

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Any way to resurrect the Mustang of the Week and make it Mustang of the Month? I know that it must have taken a tremendous amount of your time to put a weekly showing together so I would like to recommend a Mustang of the Month. At least this way we can continue to see some of the VMFers fine Mustangs and it would be a little easier than publishing it on a weekly basis.
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I think it's a great idea too! I know of a lot of people with nice cars that would like to see it too! Maybe if it's not a possibility you can tell us why & we can all help to make it happen.

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Just a thought.... Maybe if it was catered to ALL Mustangs in varies conditions instead of just the very clean or show cars, participation might pick up. I for one would be interested in seeing what other folks are doing to their cars, and what plans they have for it, as much as I like looking at the finished cars! I also like reading about the VMFers themselves, as it is always interesting to hear a little about their life and other interest they may have. I imagine out of the 6000 or so registered VMFers, a very small percentage actually owns a mustang that is actually in show condition. I would love to put one of my cars up on the Mustang of the week, and be able to tell a little about it's history or show some of the progress or what plans I have for it, but with all of the other beautiful cars that were given the chance, I never felt my cars were ready enough to be posted next to the others.

Just my opinion! /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif.
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