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1964 1/2 Convertible - 260 V8 C4 Automatic, Power Top, Console, 4 Wheel Drums
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Howdy all.

Since it has been a while since I mentioned it here - I just wanted to
remind everyone that the 64-73 Mustang Color Guide can be found here:

We have filled in almost all of the gaps for the 64-69 cars now, with a
few exceptions, and have a lot more of the 70's stuff on there now too...

But I am still accepting new photos - and I even just added one this week
that had been missing.

If you have a photo of a missing color, or think you have a better photo of
a color I already have, please email it to me at:

[email protected]

I would like high-resolution photos. Even if it looks like a nice car, I
will probably not replace an existing photo unless the car AND the photo
quality are better.

Here is a list of what is still missing:

65 Champagne Beige, 65 Rose Beige
69 Sage Bronze
70 Light Ivy Yellow (New Lime), 70 Mint Green Metallic
71 Bright Lime, 71 Maroon
72 Maroon, 72 Ivy Glow
73 Medium Green Metallic, 73 Dark Green Metallic,
73 Light Yellow Gold, 73 Medium Yellow Gold

Thanks again to all who have helped so far!

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