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Hey guys,

I'm still plodding along on Project Overdrive. I got up to see fellow VMFer, robotics guru, and Professional Restomoder mustangsurfer last weekend so we could brainstorm the install a bit. We pretty much psyched it all out. VMFer Alrorque has been a big help too, because he's already got a 4R70W in his vintage mustang.

By Tuesday I felt informed enough to call Baumann Engineering and try to figure out the last few the Throttle Position Sensor requriements, and what to do about the tailshaft on the '98 AOD-E I'm working with (out of a 3.8 Mustang. It has the wide ratio gear set, and the larger tailshaft bushing with the longer extension housing). It looks like the best plan will be to obtain a yoke for the tranny and have a driveshaft shop build a custom driveshaft assembly, once everything is mocked up and the proper length is known. Ford sells the Yoke for about $100. BUT Mustang Parts Specialties lists the entire driveshaft assembly including yoke at $20 (used). I'd also have to pay shipping. Has anyone ever dealt with them before? They are in Winder GA, per their websight.

BTW I checked ehay and the Corral and no-one had anything that would work.

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