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See it in the July issue of Mustang Monthly! The brightest and easiest to install sequential taillights on the market. Patent pending technology! No "extra" sequencing during braking like other systems!

Just replace your existing lamps with the two LED lamp modules included in the kit and put in our new flasher module under the dash in place of the old and you are done!!

EVERYTHING you need is provided in the kit. Nothing else to buy!

Stays cool no lens melting! Looks very cool, lasts just about forever! Brighter and safer than old Mustang incandescent lamps.

NO car modifications,dividers, re-wiring, or drilling! Utilizes super reliable LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) technology. 2-3 X brighter than standard 1157 lamps.

Order online at

Made in the USA. 4 year limited warranty!

Available for 64.5-66,67,68,69,70 and NOW SHELBY/CALIF SPECIAL Mustang Taillights too!
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