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My 66 convertable's 8 track radio starts with a 6 on the dial, yet my 66 coupe's AM radio starts with the number 5. Is this correct? Is the radio dial differant for 64.5, 65, and 66?

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My 66 Am/8-track starts with a 6 also. I asked this question a while back on the old forum, IIRC the 66 model years they changed over to the #5 on the dials of the AM radios, and 65 they started with #6. Someone said there might of been a few carry overs from 65 to 66, but not certain on that part.


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In 66 there was only one vendor/manufacturer of 8 tracks, Motorola. The dial always start with a 6 in 66. The AM radios changed to 5 late in the 65 model year. If you do a search on this here at VMF, I'm sure you will come up with lots of details in this subject. Dave Hammar has answered this very thorough, and check out his website also.

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