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Stallions Gate Mustang and Ford Club has a show this Sunday at Landmark Ford in Niles at 6200 W. Touhy Ave from 9-3. The details of the show and their car divisions are on their website I went to it a couple of years ago and they had a pretty big turn out.

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I encourage as many of you who can to go to this show.

They are sort of the "anti CMVC" in that they are a group with dues,
a board of directors, and an atmosphere that reminds me a lot of the MCA
(Mustang Club Of America). A lot of them are MCA members I'm sure.

This will allow you all to see what kind of club I saw and what led me to try and
create another one. Its not that I didnt like the cars, or the people - it just didnt
seem like a good fit for me with my beater project car.

I can't go this year, but I was there last year.

Also, pay attention to the way they run things, what you need to do to join, and
how you are treated by the members who are showing off their cars.

If you see something you think we should do - take note of that too!

I will be very interested to hear what your comments are!


P.S. - I edited the above message cuz the address didnt work right. It should now.
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