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For sale:

I've got a complete Mustang Steve Master kit, part number: CK165M. This kit fits a 1965-66 Mustang.

The kit basically does two things:
  1. Converts your mustang to power brakes. It uses a more modern (thinner) 9" booster that give you more clearance for your master cylinder. This feature is useful for 65-66 Mustangs where some aftermarket power brake setups hit the export brake or shock tower.
  2. Installs a cable clutch setup to your car for retrofitting a T5 or Tremec Five-speed transmission. The pedals are converted to a roller bearing setup allowing for a very smooth action.
This kit contains the following parts, completely ready to bolt into your 64-1/2 - 66 Mustang:

  • ALL NEW FABRICATED Pedal Support , designed with steel firewall brace for power brake booster pattern
  • Brake Pedal, designed for revised pedal ratio for power brakes (revised ratio equates to less travel for same actuation)
  • Pair of brake pedal bushings and a booster shaft/brake pedal pin bushing
  • Clutch Pedal, ALL NEW, including new shaft, designed with cable quadrant and ballbearing shaft. Includes sealed ballbearings fitted. Clutch pedal is full 3/8" thick, stronger than the original 1/4" thick pedal
  • Rebuilt power brake booster (booster is unpainted)
  • Billet adjustable firewall brace and cable stop with attaching bolts
  • Adjustable clutch cable
  • Adjustable clutch pedal stop - so you can set the pedal height to your preference
  • Parts are painted black, ready to install
I installed this kit on my 65 Mustang, but decided to go with a hydraulic clutch. Unfortunately, the Modern Driveline hydraulic clutch master cylinder would not work with the larger diameter booster, so I went back to manual brakes.

I have never actually drove the car with these parts on it.. I've only installed and removed them. You're basically getting a BRAND new kit for much less than you would have to pay for a new setup.

To learn more about the kit, here is a link to Mustang Steve's part page:

Mustang Steve charges $549 for the kit new. I would like have $300 for everything. My loss is your gain.

If you have any questions, please reply to the add or email at shannm2 AT or reply to the ad.


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