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TMI Mustang Upholstery Sport XR Series Seat 1965-1967

We caught up with our buddy Waylon from TMI while we were out at SEMA 2014. TMI gave us a lot of the interior pieces for our 50/30 project car and they were so impressed with the way it turned out they put it in their booth for SEMA.

For the interior of 50/30 TMI provided us with their Sport XR seats in a custom saddle color that we picked out. For the door panels we went with their Sport R series also in the saddle finish. Their big addition was their new Sport R dash pad. These dashes were shown at SEMA for the first time and really finish off the custom look of the interior. These pads should be available soon and we are told they will have versions from '64 all the way through '73.

Additionally Waylon then showed us a few other things in their booth that are in prototype stages. Some great looking seats for both the front and rear, rear door panels to make the back seat as comfortable and custom looking as the front, as well as some exciting things in consoles for both the front and back.

We want to thank TMI for their help with Project 50/30 and can't wait to see some of these new products when they come out.

For more TMI products available at CJ Pony Parts check out:
TMI Upholstery | Parts & Products at CJ Pony Parts
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