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Am looking for infant toys that are mustang related.
Are there any soft plush toys, etc. out there?

If so, where can I order, etc.

Thanks all.


You guys are f***** pathetic :p
Hey I thought it was kinda funny! And true! But I thought it was funny because I have a five year old son who has one hell of a hot wheel collection but no Mustangs so I have been looking for one around. Had to laugh at myself and so should all of you that we like our toys (cars) so much we push our influence onto our kids toys so they can love it like we do. Pathetic maybe, but just one of the fun things of having kids we can buy toys we want for them. By the way that plushy 65 stang looks like a camaro, its to squished up.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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