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From a brief hiatus, Team MAA is back in the drive business. With a new online format, MAA team leaders Sam Haymart and Tony Sousa of California are ramping up for a 40th Anniversary Mustang convoy in 2004. To get the ball rolling, a new MAA website was launched last fall that is the new headquarters for Mustang travelers. The new home features a museum of galleries and lore from previous cross-country treks, but most importantly, it drives toward the future.
A short drive is already online to the Knott's Berry Farm Fabulous Fords Forever show in Buena Park, Ca. This event takes place April 25-27th and represents the first test run of a new MAA drive format. There will be no entry fees. Participants sign-up online and all travel and itinerary information will be posted online for them to download for the event. It’s the cutting edge way to plan an event. Groups from all over the country are moving toward the online community approach to shows and events. It is the New World order so to speak.
MAA is taking an online straw poll online for the 40th Anniversary event. Dearborn vs. Charlotte. The Dearborn scenario takes place in August 2004 and drives from Los Angeles, CA following the Route 66 path thought the heartland up into Michigan to coincide with the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. The venue would have a private MAA exclusive venue, activates, and possible tours of auto related facilities. The second possibility is in April 2004. Essentially a re-play of the historic 1994 Mustang convoy that traveled from California to Charlotte, NC for the big MCA 30th Anniversary show, the drive would take the I-40 corridor though all the favorite places. This event is favored by the rank-in-file, but younger enthusiasts with newer cars are leaning toward Dearborn. MAA expects to make a formal announcement on March1st, 2003.
Interested Mustang enthusiasts can log onto the MAA website for more information at Keep a look out on the highway, because Mustangs Across America is on the way!
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