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Mustangs I've Wrecked.

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I was just thinking about a cool post and came across an idea. How many Mustangs have you parted out or wrecked.

This is my list,
:5F07C601269 65A M 25 16A 81 6 F
:5F07C632425 65A M 26 13B 81 6 E
:5F07A747983 65A X 29 03T 81 1 E
:6F07C184256 65A 8 26 03M B1 6 6
:7R01T191792 65A T 7A 15C B7 2 W
:8F02J148825 Thats all i've got on this car.
And I know that there are three more 65/66 style coupes (One was a pony interior car)and one 66 convertable.
I cant get to these doors that still have their tags on them. I can see them in the attic of the shop but would have to move to many goodies to get to them, fenders,trunk lids, quarters, int parts etc.........

Now for the Mustangs that I have:
:5F08C783817 76A F D2 09U 32 6 6
:7F03A128653 76A X 2D 05M B1 A 5
This 67 has a white int, not red?It hasn't been changed. I don't know why the int trim says otherwise.
:9R02M168590 63C T5 3AA 21D B7 9 X

Let us know which ones of yours no longer exist too!!!

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where those all wrecked or parted out? because if they where mostly wrecked...i got one question...what where you doing while driving the stang(playing with the chick next to you)...just playing with you!
OK,OK, these were parted out. The only Mustang that I smashed up was a 74 Mustang II, oops a swear word.
I've used one '68 coupe for parts and totaly destroyed my first mustang, a '83 GT. The crash was so bad on the pass. side I could'nt open the driver door.

68 fastback, 390 4V premium fuel
80 5.0 hatch, just finished
91 5.0 coupe, daily driver
84 RamCharger 4x4 extreme mudsliger and winter junker
I was in my76 Cobra 2 when a chick rear-ended me and destroyed the car for me. I was at a stop light and she hit me doing about 50 mph. I wound up in the back of the car as the drivers seat pulled right out of the floor. She was as drunk as a loon. After a brief hospital stay I was ok, car was gone and lawsuit was settled.
My first "real" Mustang was a 67 coupe. It was a 67,000 original mile Oklahoma car(no rust) with a 289, AT, factory in dash air, white - red interior. Nice original, one owner car.

I was going to work one Monday morning early, before sun rise. It was drizzling rain also. I came over a hill to find traffic dead stopped - uhoh. Fortunately, I managed with a four drums doing their best to stop the car just short of the last car in line. Whew! Unfortunately, the cab-over wrecker coming up behind me couldn't do the same. He hit me and drove me into the car in front of me, and that into the next one. The impact broke my seat back and slid me toward the back seat and the next impact slid me back toward the dash.

Needless to say it was not fun. I could not open either door to get out and could barely roll down the window enough to. The strangest thing was my short term memory loss from having my neck snapped back like that.

The car was obviously totalled. Shortened by 8" from original.


64 1/2 coupe built around April 30, 1964
was a 260 3-speed becoming a 5.0 5-speed.
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