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My 1st restoration - what should I do next?

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Well I'm almost done putting a whole Magna 4-leaf mid-eye 1" front sway bar suspension kit into my 67 Fastback. The car runs pretty well (I have another engine in the works though) as is so I'm going to leave the hood closed and worry about the rest of the car.

Here's the deal. I need a whole new interior kit but I also need some paint work. Not a ton but some spots need sanding, a dent or two pulled, front of doors need rust fix, and some paint here and there.

I'm wondering if I should do the body before the interior or the other way around. Since I'll be putting in all new weatherstrip after the paint, I'd hate to subject a new interior to the leaky weatherstrip I have now. Then again, the car will be garaged, not driven in the rain for at least 4 months, etc.

What should my next step be?

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IMHO, I would do the paintjob first due to the fact that if you put new interior in the car and then paint you are more likely to get paint on your new interior no matter how well you cover things never fails...Guy(NH)

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Agree with Guy(NH), do the outside first. You might however strip the interior first just to make sure you don't need any welding done on the inside (floors). Or you may already know this for sure.
Be a pain to have painted the car and then find you need new floor pans. Just my .02c

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