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My 68’ Factory A/C Thread

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I have 68’ Mustang with factory A/C. I have been wanting to fix the A/C for some time now and was planning on doing it during the winter. Well the other day I had to drive the car at 7am and the windows were all fogged, defroster didn’t do a thing, luckily once it got in the sun it cleared up. Just to be clear, I have the shop manual and vac/wiring diagram.

Here’s what I know -
-brand new compressor, charged and blows cold
-only blows on the feet
-firewall heater hoses are disconnected
-took a quick look behind the control panel, looks like there isn’t anything attached to control where the air flow goes
-when the compressor is connected and the a/c switch is on, it runs all the time and never shuts off

Here are some of the parts I have but are not installed-
-a/c thermostat
-new vacuum line kit (color-coded)
-water heater valve & hoses

I currently have the vacuum line disconnected from the carb but it normally runs from the carb to a vacuum reservoir (brand new) in the fender-well, then out of there to a vac port in the firewall, the other port from the firewall is what connects to the water valve if I am not mistaken.

Going to take this one step at a time, take things apart, put the new parts in and get it all connected. Am going to take pictures along the way to help others. Any advice is welcomed, needed, and much appreciated on where to start and what to look for!

First question, before I connect the firewall heater hoses, is there anything I need to look at for or do? My car currently looks like the picture this:
Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive exterior

hose goes straight from the manifold to the water pump, I need to get the water heater valve and hoses to the firewall connected.
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You have a nice looking engine compartment. I’d buy this Molded hose for the water valve to heater core:

You can use regular hose but it won’t be as neat. The other two heater hoses you can buy concours but I like regular gates heater hose just fine for them. I can only seem to find it at OReiileys.

On the vacuum lines if your dash controls are original they have little colored dots beside them. Try to do one line at a time. Follow the diagram.

a mityvac hand pump can be useful for diagnosing just don’t overdo it as you can rupture old vacuum Servos if you pump it too much

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I forgot to add that the original heater hoses do have a 90 degree bend at the end. You can get them at NPD as well reproduced. I don’t think they are as needed as that one I listed above.

there is also this Dayco Hose with a 90 already molded in:

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