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My brothers motor isn't seized.

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Okay, I had him take the starter out and was able to turn the motor by hand. Took the starter to the local parts store for testing, and they gave it the green light. So we re-installed the starter, and the engine fired right up. I did notice some arching at the starter, which tells me something isn't tight. But at least the engine is still running.

However, it still has a knock in it. Now I am not sure if the knock is on the bottom or top end.

You can click the link below to see his car, it is the white 65 GT.

I still think a rebuild is the best way to go, and eliminate any questions or concerns on this engine.

What do you think.
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Man, I love it when I'm right! ::

When my daughter's starter did that, her starter also checked out fine on the tester. The mgr. at Autozone, where it was still under warranty, though, said "let's not take a chance with it, anyway" and gave me a new one (for free since it has a lifetime warranty). I wasn't going to put that starter back in anyway, so it was nice that their customer service was so good that I didn't even have to bring it up. ::

Any knock in an engine is not good. This, too, sounds like my daughter's old engine. When hers started knocking we just yanked the engine and dropped my spare in it. Her old one is still sitting on the engine stand in my garage, as I still haven't had a chance to open it up and see what's wrong with it.
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