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My car came home on the hook today...

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Went for a lttle ride in the Coupe, stopped at a local wrecker to check on some parts. When I came out and tried to start it, it just went thud. I was on a hill, so i decided to bump start it, it just skidded the tires.
I had to call a tow truck and get towed the 2 miles home! I'm hoping the starter is just stuck on the flywheel. I had to go to work before I could check it out. I'm having visions of water filled cylinders locking
up the rotating assembly, I'm sure it's just the starter?

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Been towed many times, cheaper than an engine!

When in High School I took a girl I didn't know real well to the prom in my '66 coupe. When we left the prom to go to a party my head lights started blinking off and on, I pulled over and started checkin wires in my Tux. I was the headlight switch and there was nothing I could do about it at the time, so we drove to the party with flashing lights. Boy, was I embarrased.

Years later when I bought my '66 conv. I took my then future wife for a test drive after introducing her to Mustangs for the first time. Since none of the electical worked, except engine, we just went a short ways down the country road from my parents house. It ran out of gas about an 1/8 of a mile from the house. She pushed the Mustang so well and didn't bitch about it once, I had to marry her.

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