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A few months back I got an email from the president of the Dutch Mustang club,Patrick Bouthoorn, requesting some pictures of my Limited Edition 600s for and article in their quarterly publication. I sent him some pics and he just recently sent me a copy of the publication with my cars in it. There was a whole page with several nice color pictures of my cars. Their website is here. My car is in Nummer 3/2007. Unfortunately you can not see the pics online. I have a copy of the article in a large PDF file for anyone that is interested.

Here is the caption that was next to the pictures and the translation I got from babelfish.

Bijgaande foto's zijn van Chris Many uit ST. Albans, Vermont. Hij heeft het geluk een Groovy Green Sportsroof met een 302-2v V8 en een Flower Power Red hardtop met een 200 zescilinder motor te bezitten. De groene auto heeft hij gered van de sloper en zelf volledig gerestaureerd. Voor meer informatie over kunt u zich richten tot de organisator van het Limited Edition 600 registry, Don Hughmanick, op.

Enclosed photograph is of Chris Many from St. Albans, Vermont. He has it luck Groovy green Sportsroof with 302-2v V8 and Flower Power save top with 200 a six cylinder engine to have. He has saved the green car of the sloper and itself restored entirely. For further information on to the organizer of the Limited Edition 600 registry, Don Hughmanick can set up themselves you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts