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My car makes a terrible noise IN GEAR.....

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I was at the body shop yesterday, and I have noticed this before, but now it is getting worse. It used to be when I put the car in reverse it would make a terrible screeching noise, like somthing was rubbing..... maybe the flexplate? Yesterday, they drove the car into the shop, in Drive, and it made the same noise..... quieter.... but it was the same noise. What is the deal? Last fall I pulled the tranny, had new seals put in it, changed the tourqe convertor..... since then I have put less then 5 miles on the car...... could the flexplate be rubbing somthing?
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Too bad folks with noises can't record them and post mpg or wav files...*G*

Is it a mechanical sounding screech or more like a hydraulic whistle, like when fluid excapes a pressure relief?
It sounds almost exactley like 2 peice of metal rubbing together.....
Check your inspection plate and converter studs/nuts for any interference...

Any funny noises when you engage the starter?

How about noises when in neutral or park?

It might be something inside the trans but I want to cover the obvious stuff first...

Have you tried lightly powerbraking the car in drive or reverse to see if the sound gets worse or better?

How does the trans function otherwise? If you don't want to drive the car, you can load test the trans with the car on stands while lightly applying the service or parking brake...

Lastly, have you checked your mounts for soundness and tightness...?
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Almost sounds like the same sound I heard before I had to rebuild my rear end cause the bearings blew.
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