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My Complements

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This site is amazing.

I really feel we have something very unique here. I remember seeing it in the "Courtave.." days and this thing is amazing.

I was watching when the discussion relative to the new format was being discussed on the old site. I must admit I agreed with those that were reluctant to change and appreciated the "quirkiness" of the search feature etc...

Now I am convinced it was a good thing!

Lets keep it the way it is, clean, helpful and warm. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you in Pensacola this Saturday. I'll shoot a group picture and post it with some show pictures from the hotel room Saturday night!
"If you're under control you're not going fast enough"
Parnelli Jones
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Hi Charlie,

Not having seen your presence actively on the old VMF in my short *G * time there, I hope you'll continue to be active here sharing your unique experiences...and insight..

I wandered into Bob's classifieds back in early '97 when I was still actively racing and thought he might have a good idea with a place to talk Mustangs...I put a link on my web site and kinda forgot about this place until last year when I re-discovered my interest talking about this stuff (something which has happened many times over my career)....found the VMF to be a thriving community of experts and of the most decent, civil forums of free exchange I've found on the Internet...

Needless to say, I've stuck around to learn, be of some help when possible and offer my unique brand of experience...

Although I wasn't able to catch Midlife's posting total in the 10 months or so I've been here, I gave it a go anyway...this place lends itself to conversation, much like the bench racing we'd all do off-season when we couldn't strap in...*G*

In any event, Bob likely knows the jewel he has here and wants to preserve it for the good of the breed....we'll all do our parts as well to ensure the continuing evolution of our hobby and this forum...

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Well now, Pat.....

If we all want to give Bob a BIG vote of confidence we can contribute to his "Shelby fund". There is a 65 gt350 he is looking at right now........

I'm in...

There are 4762 users. If we got just 50% to kick in a "one time" fee of $20 "Bob" could have his Shelby.
"If you're under control you're not going fast enough"
Parnelli Jones
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I'm relatively new here. About three months.
I was at the old VMF shortly.

I'd give Bob $20.

This site is great, he deserves it.


65 I6 200 Coupe (Daily Driver)
I offered Bob $ and he wouldn't take it. I was just joking but he still responded to my E-mail. By the way Randy is that you?
OK, count me in for long as I get a ride in it...*G*

BTW...that wouldn't be your sister in your sig photo....?? Striking resemblance!...


How about a nice fast ride in a Shelby on a real road course Bob?

heel-toe.......late brake........4 wheel drift....pedal to the metal......wwhhoooo!!!!!

(You've got a seat with me anytime you want!)
"If you're under control you're not going fast enough"
Parnelli Jones
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Sorry to be pedantic,and I just know I 'm going to be sorry I bought is up, but I'm sure we all have little things that get under our skin.
I really hope this doesn't offend roadracer but here goes.
You cannot qualify the word "unique".
Some thing is either unique or its not.
I know is is not the place for english lessons but I just can't help myself evertime I here or see that.
Please no offence roadracer.I agree with you whole heartedly about the uniqueness of this site

If at first you don't succeed , find a bigger hammer
I'm not offended!

I like cars so I'm excused from knowing "Proper English".

BTW, how does an "Aussie" qualify teaching an "American" English? Where did you guys learn to speak "English" anyway?

(I feel qualified to say that as I've been to Au many times and my brother lives there!)

Couldn't resist!
"If you're under control you're not going fast enough"
Parnelli Jones
Try my website
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I might not refuse anymore... I've got a case of Shelby-itis!


Yeah, as I imagine Charlie knows so well, there's something special about a real one....

I've only had the pleasure once, at a good friend's neighbors house...he was getting ready for a vintage race....and you could just smell the 60's all over there...


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