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My Doofus Nomination

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Welcome to my Nine Hecks. This was the entire reason I stopped working on the Mustang after I spent 3 of my 5 vacation days on it. First day was spent tearing everything down (brake lines, MC, drums, discs, etc.). Felt oddly like I was on Monster Garage. So my first mistake was taking the MC off the firewall. Took 5 different wrenches and many hand positions to get it out. My Dad told me that night that I could have used a socket and an extension. Oh well, that was only an hour or so and a minor scratch on the hand. No big deal Then we get to the disc brakes up front. Four piston style. Which means nothing to me. Dad said there were 2 bolts that you could take out to remove the entire assembly. Well, I removed the wrong 2 bolts and ended up with just 2 pistons and 1 caliper. That’s when it started. He showed me how to use the air hose to blow out the pistons. Looked easy enough. He left for work, I continued to dig my hole deeper. I removed the rest of the brakes (the other caliper half) and tried to “pop them out” with the air hose. No dice. So I figured I’d try some channel locks. We used them on one of the other pistons and it came out pretty easy. So I got 7 of the 8 pistons out fairly easy. A few had some bite marks from the pliers, but all were on the top edge of the piston and wouldn’t even touch the caliper. Then comes piston number 8. I got it out after an hour of heavy work. That work included all the standard “redneck tools of death.” Carpenter’s hammer, rubber mallet, long flat blade screwdriver, short flat blade screwdriver, really short flat blade screwdriver, vise, liquid wrench, channel locks, and of course profanity. I even tried to take the grinder to it and some emory cloth to salvage it. No dice. It looks really bad. Won’t even fit in the caliper bad.

So the end result was old calipers that were rusted pretty well (where the piston slides). 10 years in the making on that one. Some bad pistons. One really bad piston. The new ones are on order from CJ’s.

Total cost to me: A few man-hours.
Total cost to my Dad: A couple hundred dollars.


PS - Here's the LINK to my previous post with more details on my 3 days of fun.