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Well, my dad and I went to the car show in Fredericksburg on Sat. We had a great time, well, I did anyway. I'd never been to a "real" car show before. Lots of makes and models to feast your eyes on. They had about 100 cars (many showed up late) and I took photos of nearly all (big surprise there). Only had 5 Stangs there. A 66 coupe, 67 vert, 66 vert, 65 coupe, and a 69 Mach I. All in all, we both learned a lot.

1 - Most educational thing I learned - what a flat-head V-8 was and looked like.
2 - Most educational thing my Dad learned - he has 2 awesome cars that would blow away the competition.....if they were restored and running.
3 - Second most interesting car there - 1943 Jeep decked out with WWII gear.
4 - Most interesting car there - 1950s Hudson (my favorite by far).

And of course I will be more selective in the photos I take at future car shows. I got a little "flash happy" as some people here would say. And for those that are interested, I have tons of photos. I'd be happy to "blow up" your email account if you want them. Hopefully this week I can get them posted to the web in a ZIP file.

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