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My First Windshield Buy Offer

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Yep. 3 days in the new neighborhood and someone left me a note to call them if I wanted to sell the car. The first one I've ever gotten.

Now I'm getting paranoid that they'll try to steal it!!
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someone that is into stangs probably thinks your a dumb clod and that you'll probably sell them the car for $50.

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Hey, we are not cheapskates here in New Jersey. You are off by at least $60 to $70.

I have a car under a cover in the driveway apprx 150' off the road so when I find notes on the car I usually call the person to say no its not for sale. Then I explain about trespassing and let them know that the next time their phone number will be given to the police. I even found one guy in the driveway one afternoon, he thought it was perfectly OK to uncover the car to check it out so that he could make a fair offer.
He could not understand why I was so pissed at him.Some nerve heh

Greg B
NJDave, how much are you going to offer??? I'll go ten dollars more and bring it to Brigantine. LOL John

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some guy offered 5000 dollars for my original hunk of rust while it was in the body shop getting all new floors welded in. He said he wanted it because it had that "rare 289 option" if only i was there when he was making the offer... damn body shop guy said it wasnt for sale
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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