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It has been a long and often painful process and I have one repair left to do. I mentioned it once on here. Underneath 2 or 3 paint jobs I found a hatchet chop about 6 inches long on the driver side quarter right behind the door. I think they missed, LOL. Somebody had covered it over with fiberglass.

I tried to fold and hammer the gash closed and weld it but it didn't work out very well. I have a clean piece of that area of the quarter so I will probably do that. After that is fixed, the metal work is done. I have it all protected but I will need to go back and lay short strand filler(using the 3M stuff) over the last few of these repairs that I have done and sand them totally smooth.

I haven't had to do nearly what some of the cars people have shown on here but for me it was a lot.

So here is my list;

replaced radiator support and opened it up for larger radiator
replaced both front fender panels
replaced both doors and both required gap fitment work

replaced both front floor pans and toe boards
installed a repair on the lower right side firewall(it was a pain to do)

did 4 different frame rail repairs, a couple were kind of major
2 right side outer rocker repairs, some inner rocker repair and some floor pan to rocker repair
new fiber glass front valance
new steel rear valance and required a lot of fitment on the gaps

new fiber glass hood appears to fit really well

new fiberglass front and rear bumpers
new headlight assemblies and grille

fitted new 2 inch rear fiberglass fender flares but not bonded yet(still on the punch list)

replaced right rear quarter panel
had to do quite a bit of straightening/hammer/dolly work on the original left quarter panel where the extension and rear valance fit
a lot of work on the rear quarter extensions to make them fit right and managed to not crack one
new deck lid, massive fitment work on the gaps and it basically didn't fit the car when I started

new trunk drop downs, trunk panels, tail light panel and that rear frame rail cross member
plugged many old miscellaneous drill holes in various places all over the car

while I was in there;

made up shock tower wrap around pieces and seam welded the shock towers
got the new and improved engine cross member
installed the later model style camber kit
put the dog bone plates in the outer shock tower pockets
got some basic coil overs for the front since I had to replace it all anyway

all new stainless brake lines and new master cylinder
new ebrake cables and that cable balancing yoke
new speedo cable
new engine wiring harnesses
new wiring harness to the rear of the car
the correct dual exhaust rear hook up brake hose
new 331 is installed
new black powder coated Canton 7 quart deep sump oil pan
cleaned up and re-sprayed the super comps with Eastwood header paint(holding up good so far)

2 1/2 inch magnaflow exhaust, got a kit and built it myself

pulled and went through the 8 inch rear, re-painted it and put it back
Chris Alston adjustable engine mounts

pulled and cleaned up the C4 and installed new aluminium deep sump

new and much more better improved electric fan wiring and relay kit
new hood and trunk lid hinges

scraped the red powder coat(what was left of it) off the MSD box and sprayed it black

new BeCool radiator
new gas tank sprayed with gas tank silver paint and then satin clear coated

and last but not least, new Holley black fuel pump(probably not really last or least)

After the paint job I'm planning to put the led tail lights in, new tri-bar headlights and head rests for the stock seats. The interior has been done. The rear seat is now the Shelby rear shelf and I have a new mass backed black carpet for it still in the box.

Still a long way to go.

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Sounds like as much or more as any of us have done, we band of brothers! Plus you've had some health issues and then theres that old truck............ :) Glad to read your posts and appreciate your persistence and determination! Looking forward to the day you get it back on the road. A car you built yourself is something to be very proud of, even if it's not as good as a ring brothers creation. Maybe we will cross paths at some fun car show or event one day!
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