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My new Mustang 68 in Russia

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Hello to all cowboys! My name is Stephan, I'm from Russia. Recently, at the Copart auction, I bought a Mustang 68, a coupe, with a 200 engine and brought it to Russia. A car from New York. There are only a few dozen mustangs of the 1st generation in Russia. There is a power steering, an automatic transmission. That's all). There are a couple of holes on the body. The engine starts and the car drives. I've already driven about 600 miles. The plans are to eliminate the problems of the mechanical part in a year and in a couple of years to do the bodywork.


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Welcome to VMF from Dallas! You must be quite a character Stephan. Of course, all men are created equal, but a Plymouth fury on the streets of Russia with a Confederate cowboy hat in the package tray must be driven by a unique individual!:cool: Glad to know ya!
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