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My Project 65 Fastback Eleanor Clone

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I am getting closer to completion and will hopefully make the Northwest Roundup. I put the engine in on Wednesday and got the headers on last night (that was fun) and they fit. I plan to put the transmission, TCP Power Rack in tonight and start hooking up all the electrical and cooling systems. Maybe I will start it on Sunday if things go well.

I know some of you don't like the Eleanor car, but you have to see it on a 65 body! I have the hood, modified upper 67 Shelby side scoops,65 Shelby side scoops, and R-model front valance. I also have the rear spoiler deck lid and Shelby tail lights that really ties it all together. I decided not to go with the side exhaust, so I ran it out the back through the GT style valence(real close fit with the Fuel Cell). I also chose not to relocate the gas cap to the side pillar, I kept it in the rear and used a 66 GT-350 cap.

I will post some pictures soon, may need someone to host them for me!
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Sounds like a fun project that is finally comming to an end. Good luck on meeting the deadline, but be ready for anything. As most of us know, nothing in this game comes out without a hickup. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif Post pics soon, I can't host you for another 2 or 3 weeks tell my cable modem is installed in the new home and my server is back up and running.

All in all good luck, I look forward to seeing it.
Hey Matt, Im sure it will look just great.....but it STILL won't be a '33!!! Will see you @ Round Up.
I'll host the pics, just to be able to see this beast! Sounds like a very fun project. If you want me to host them, just email them to me.
I believe the gas cap on the side of the Eleanor car was a "dummy" anyhow. I think it was just glued on. If I remember right, the actual filler was in the truck (since they covered the rear gas tank hole).
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