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It’s official, I booked my second HPDE event at Sonoma Raceway for mid April. I had an absolute blast the first time out, and the second class (there is classroom instruction, and driving w/ instructor feedback) has focus on car control at the limits, with an autocross type course to push yourself (and the car) to the limit safely, and then lots of track time.

I made a few changes to the car since running round the track last September; lower seats, new power steering pump w/cooler, adjustable proportioning valve for the rear brakes, and lots of carb fine tuning. It’s driving awesome and I hope it continues to do so long after my second track day.

And hopefully I can affix a camera for proper video footage this time... seeing as my Mustang ate my phone the last time out and I was only able to get one pic before it got gobbled up (found it wedged behind the dash above the steering column... it was in the glovebox when I started ?).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts