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My Shelby Day

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Finally got together with the guy that has this
Shelby for sale on ebay.

Damn nice car. Great paint, solid interior, engine bay was solid but not spotless. A real driver-no trailer queen. Unfortunately, he was running late so you might guess I didn't get to drive it. Maybe he read my doofus awards on the forum. Sounded great though. He said he thought it would make the reserve but I just looked and the auction expired. Beats me. He said he handles about 180 Shelby's a year so maybe nexttime. Nice career, huh?

He did turn me on to something kind of neat. Not too far from where we met is a Shelby authorized service center. He said that they were loading up some local Shelbys to trailer them to a show or auction or what I'm not sure.

Sure enough, I pull in and there are 3 Shelbys--black 67 or 68 gourgeous car, a red 69 immaculate, and what I am told was Carrol Shelby's personal Candy Red 69 convertible-supposedly out to the Shelby museum (still had the museum plackard in the rear seat.) Shop owner said it had been in the museum for about 10 years and the motor leaked like a sieve when they started it up so they pulled to re-build. The red block was sitting in the corner. Never had seen a 69 convertible--nice.

Damn, That was pretty cool. And at least I found a new Mustang mechanic.

J. Boggs
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I bet that was fun. A friend told me the other day about a place 25 miles for where I live that builds kit Cobras & rebuilds Fastbacks for racing. He went by the place & decided to stop in & see if he could look around. He walked in & the lady at the front desk said that the owner wasn't in at the time. So, he could look around!!! She called a worker & he took him for a quick tour. He said he couldn't believe the cars that was in there. He had been by the place hundreds of times & never knew what was going on inside (no signs outside).

Lancaster, South Carolina
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Did you read the add on that Shelby.It claimed the engine to have anti pump up lifters.1967 Shelby's had solid lifter blocks and solid lifters.[color:red] NOT ORIGINAL</font color=red>.Bet he didn't tell you that.
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