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Welcome and congratulations on making it to 50 years.

I kind of like the side ornaments and they are available if you want to add them at some point. I'm 20 years behind you in the marriage thing...but 20+ years past you in owning a '65 Mustang. As noted above, anything you take of that car that's original, it would be worth your while to hang onto it (like wheels).

As you do need parts for it, I've used various vendors over the years as one has gotten better or one has gone out of business...and in 2022 you won't find much better for your standard parts needs than NPD. National Parts Depot | Restoring American History | Mustang Parts | Camaro Parts | Chevelle Parts | Ford Truck Parts | T-Bird Parts | Firebird Parts | Chevy Truck Parts

Now...if you want to upgrade something...I might have different advice...but for replacement parts and such they typically have what you need and can get it out pretty quickly. In some cases they have various options, so call them or ask back here in those cases.

On the wheels for instance, you could just order 14X5 and be done with it...but many of us have gone with larger wheels. BEST thing to do would be to find a car that has the wheels you like and talk to the owner about what they are, what the specs are, and ESPECIALLY what tires (diameter and aspect ratio) and what he had to do to get them to fit.


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