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n00b question: Need help starting

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This is my 1st car so I'm not to experienced. When the engine is cold, I push the accelerator all the way to the floor and release and it starts right up. When the engine is warm I'm having problems starting.

If the car has been setting for 5 mins, what the best method for a quick start. I usualy hold the accelerator and crank it for a few seconds before it will start.

... and how about 30mins? Best method there? I have a MSD Ignition and 4bbl Edelbrock #1406 carb if this helps.
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Once my engine is warm, I need only hit the key. If it is hard starting after 5 minutes and even harder after 30 mins (especially if you have to hold it wide open to clear flooding), you may have a percolation problem where heat is boiling the fuel in the float bowl. Try adding a phenolic spacer between the carb and manifold to better insulate the carb. Also to consider is blocking the crossover passage in the intake manifold (tin foil works well) to reduce the temperature, although cold weather performance may suffer a little.
I was just thinking about putting a spacer on. There is none on my car (EDL Performer Intake and EDL carb).

I live in AZ so I should have any problems with the cold weather.

Another good thing to check is to pop the air cleaner and look down the throat before you crank it. If it looks wet and reeks of gas, more verification. Also, real cheap gas and/or reformulated gas will sometimes compound the problem.
OK, all look into it.

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