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Nastalgia pics

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66bandit requested some old Mustang pics. After e-mailing them to him, Columbo wanted them, too. So I decided to just throw them up on a web page for anyone that wanted/needed them.

It's just a few pics in a quickie web page, all thumbnailed with pic sizes for anyone to view/download whichever ones you want. Gotta love Thumbsplus ... made this web page in about 30 seconds *LOL*

Check it out:

BTW, if anyone wants an evaluation copy of Thumbsplus, it makes great little web pages like this (and can make "linked" multiple pages if there's too many to fit on a single page) I can put a copy of it for download on my server. It's simple to use, free, and the evaluation copy never expires. Just let me know if anyone's interested in it.

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Did you notice the cougar coming off the line behind the 67 in Dearborn? Maybe it's my eyes, but I could have sworn that was a Cougar. Didn't know they came off the same line. ALso, I thought the first year for Cougar was 68 or 69...I don''t know that though.

Interesting photos.

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And its the same people> Different uniforms.
Check the cat with the clip board . He seems to be ticking the same place on the board in both pictures.
Also the same codknocker is leaning on the following car in almost the same place in both pictures.
Thats X file stuff!!!!!
Weird man

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I'd like to try out that Thumbsplus program. Love the pics.

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First year for Cougar was 67! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif


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Never noticed the Cougar in that pic, before, but it sure does look like one. The first year for the Cougar was 1967, but I'm sure they came off a different assembly line.

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You'll always get what you've always got
Yep, that's a Cougar alright. My sister had a '67 and I had a '68, both XR-7s. Like everyone else, I had no idea they were built on the same production line.

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