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Time to try it again.

1989 Lincoln Town Car 5.0 w/AOD.

161k miles, 2nd owner. Runs GREAT, always maintained. Just did valve cover gaskets last year, no gunk or deposits anywhere. Doesn't smoke, knock or burn oil. Includes remote door/trunk and alarm (not a cheapie unit either, has shock sensor, etc). Body is in fair condition, has a small hole in LH dogleg way at the bottom and some blisters here and there.

Comes with 4 205/70R15 Firestone Supremes with only 15,000 or so miles and 2 same size snows in fair shape.

Trans slow to shift, definitely needs fluid & filter, most likely could use freshening (120k on trans).

Engine has very porous oil pan (rust). Was losing a quart out of the pan every month or so.

Steel brake line to RF broken (rust).

Radiator seeps just a little, not a leak, just dampness along the tank on one side.

Many new parts recently, including A/C (R134a Ice cold), front brakes (rotors, PF carbon metallic pads, bearings), H pipe, water pump, power steering pump, etc.

I'm looking for a pair of late-model seats in black (preferably GT seats with lumbar and thigh bolsters, but what have you), 8" equalok or tracklok chunk, '65-66 GT350 style 'glass hood, '66 black dash pad, full length console for manual trans, no A/C, rust-free vent window frames, R-model style front apron w/o bumper, rear valance, rear bumper, or other '66 stuff.

Would help interested "trader" repair brake line. Save on shipping, just drive it home. E-mail me a [email protected]
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