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Need a Favor! If Possible

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Anybody from Central CA. going to the Knotts show, and just happens to be taking their Pickup?

I purchased a GT Hood for my 72 Ranchero from a guy in So.Ca., and had my sister-inlaw pick it up and store it at her place. I had planned on picking it up when I went to the Knotts show next weekend. But since I had to cancel out on going, I'm stuck with figuring out how to get the hood back up to me in Fresno.

I thought about shipping, but it has taken me close to a year just to find a good hood for a good price, since this was the only year this hood was made. So shipping is out, don't want to take a chance on damage.

I would be glad to pay a reasonable fee if anyone will be passing through or close by to Fresno, where I could meet you and pick it up. It would have to be picked up at my sister-inlaws place, I might be able to get her to drop it off to you once down there, but not certain on the latter.

If anyone is interested, you can email directly if you like [email protected]


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