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need a vendor for the copper washers on rears that is NOT expensive

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I need to buy them in bulk(I had been buying them through a local Ford dealer) from a supplier. maybe by the 100 count ? anyone know where I can do this ?
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I got mine at autozone or PepBoys (I do not remeber which, It has been a couple years) I think I found them in the hardware part section.

AMK will sell them in bulk, not sure if they will be inexpensive.
Try the local Harley shop
"local" is 90 miles away but thanks :winkgrin: I think I've found a place
Define "expensive"....

Would $3.50 pack/10 be reasonable?

catalog page 3031

Still thing guys are nuts to put these back in....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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