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Need advice on getting car transported

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Well , I got a car that is more than 800 miles away and now I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to get it to me. I'd like to get the car transported but from some of the horror stories I heard kind of scare me. I really don't have the time to go get it so my only choice is to get it transported. Has anyone here had a car transported to them and can anyone tell me what to expect. The car is coming from the Chicago area to the Philadelphia area. Does anyone know a reputable company in that area? Thanks
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When I had the CJ shipped 1/2-way across the country to me, I used Passport Transport. The car was shipped in an enclosed trailer and I was very impressed with their set-up. The only hitch was that it wasn't cheap!

I just had my 57 Ch*vy wagon transported from FL to NH...once the paperwork got put through (which took about 1.5 weeks since my contact went on vacation), in less than a week my wagon was home. No issues, no problems. The truck driver called when he was a day away, 6 hrs away and then 1 hr away. Price was $775 to my door.

The company is:
AAAdvantage Auto Transport, Inc.

talk to Victoria Williams...

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I had my car transported when I bought it four years ago from Kentucky to Massachusetts. I used Allen Auto Transport (800-722-2267; they also have a website). The arranged with the prior owner to pick up the car and gave me timely information when it arrived. I used the open truck service (my car is not show quality), and it cost about $500. They also have enclosed services.
If you stick with the better known names Legacy, Passport etc you will pay more but there service and attention to detail IMHO is worth it.

Last month I had a 70 mach 1 transported from Minnesota to Illinois (~650 miles) by DAS (Dependable auto shippers)for $520. This was on an open trailer, depot to depot but could have got door to door for only $100 more. The car was delivered on time about a week and a half after placing order. They seemed pretty professional and they are one of the larger carriers that has a good reputation.
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