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need affordable wheels for 65 coupe

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looking for a set of affordable wheels for my 65 mustang coupe. not looking to get really fancy brand name. just a set of cheaper decent looking rims. prefer 15-17 inch. prefer chrome or black and chrome. anyone have any for sale or know of a good wheel brand and model that would look good?
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Where are you located? I have an extra set of 18" Torque thrusts from a later model Mustang that you are welcome too if you are close enough. May be a tight squeeze in your wheelhouse though, depending on your set-up.
located just north of indianapolis, IN.. recently bought the car. the person before me had 15 inch solid aluminum wheels. im looking for a design instead of these solid wheels. i believe the suspension is stock. how well will 18s fit?
There are several people on VMF who have them installed on theirs. Perhaps we can keep this thread alive and get them to post their advice and suggestions. The wheels I have are gunmetal gray with polished lips, but could be painted whatever color you want to match the car. I bought a couple sets trying to get the right look for my 2005 GT, but used these sparingly. Lets see what others with 65-66's say about how to make these fit.
Thanks for your input. You have a picture of yours? Anyone else have an opinion on sizes?
I would shop around for some used 15x7 or 16 inch Magnum 500, Torque Thrust, Keystone, or Cragar SS wheels.
Define affordable.
American Racing 1055765 - American Racing Torq-Thrust D Gray Wheels - Overview -

Mag 500s:
Wheel Vintiques 54-5712044 - Wheel Vintiques 54 Series Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels - Overview -

The Mag 500s are $30 cheaper per corner. The Torq-Thrusts definitely make a bit of a different statement than the Mag 500s in my opinion.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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